HE Blends BV is a separate entity from Process Design Center (www.process-design-center.com). It was founded in 2007 due to PDC's invention related to hydrous ethanol/gasoline blends for automotive fuels in 2005. 

This patented discovery turned out to have a significant relevance in alternatieve fuels (it  makes a great impact on ASTM D6422-99 standard!). Hydrous ethanol as the sustainable additive in gasoline gives many economically and ecologically advantages worldwide. Our aim is to support the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as in the Kyoto Protocol by providing a greener, cheaper, easier, and locally produced bio-ethanol that gives benefits for everybody. 

Between April 2008 and November 2012 hydrous ethanol-gasoline blends (so-called hE15; 15% hydrous ethanol, 85% gasoline) have been sold at up to 11 public gas stations in the Netherlands. Since the 22nd of November 2012 Argos, the largest gasoline reseller, launched the further country wide roll out. We make a great success in the Netherlands, now we would like to share our experience with you!!